Jun Li is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Creative Technologist, Art Researcher and Maker. He is a candidate for a Master of Design in Digital Futures at OCAD University with holding two bachelor’s degrees in Art and Technology and Accounting at Roy Ascott's Technoetic Arts Studio, Shanghai Institute of Visual and Arts, and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

Jun Li originally from Shanghai, China and now is living in Downtown Toronto, Canada. He is obsessed with emerging technology and profoundly interested and specialized in the interactive system/installation production. He has a large catalogue of skills, knowledge and experience ranging from TouchDesigner, Notch, Arduino, Soldering, Generative Visual Effects, Interaction Technologies, etc. Most of his works frequently within the intersection of art, technology and interaction. His academic and practice research interests cover areas of Cybernetic, Interactivity, Creative Programming, Physical Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. Currently, He is working as graduate research and teaching assistant at OCAD University.

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