Cybernetic theory and interactivity have much in common, including human interrelationships between modern technology and how they define and reveal the whole interactive process. Most of the key notions in both of them can be described as the system in conversation that about the system talking to each other through the information passed back and forth between the particular relationship in audiences and artworks. These similar languages can be pointed out are feedback, control, conversation and system thinking in the field of cybernetic theory and interactive artworks.
As can be seen, some concepts of the cybernetic are applicable to interactivity. So, how does cybernetic thinking be applied to interactive artworks? The purpose of this paper is to explore the interplay of cybernetics theory and interactivity and the connection between cybernetic/system thinking and technological/interactive artworks by illustrating the similarity of characteristics and comparing the conversation of two network systems. The goal is to deconstruct and reshape their relationships by thinking interactive artworks in the way of cybernetic thinking.

Cybernetic, System Thinking, Interactivity, Interactive Art, Relationship, Conversation,  Feedback, Control, Technology.

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