OCADU TouchDesigner Learning Club is a graduate student-leading community located at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. With a non-profit and open-source spirit, it is committed to promoting digital and interactive art and spontaneously created an exchange learning network to popularize the aesthetic cognition of interactive new media art at OCAD University. OCAD TDLC builds a good communication platform for cross-media, interdisciplinary artists, creative technologists and makers and assists in the promotion of their works, sharing of practical experience and helps those emerging artists break through the initial technical bottlenecks and bridge the gaps between their study to the professional careers.
OCAD TDLC has connected to the Chinese TD community and constantly working on providing workshops and the endless stream of quality resources to all of the students in OCADU or any Toronto-based Artists. OCAD TDLC is welcoming all the TD users to join our community, to help students and the emerging artists in Toronto. 
Be Creative! Let's have some fun together!

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